Thursday, August 7, 2014

Fall For It

  In the time you take to read this, this many kittens just died (timed and verified):

                              [ See End For Counts ]

I forgot to mention, that this is going to be a daily post, but in human days, as seen from a cat's point of view, is about 2 months. It only gives me enough time to post this.

Over the summer I have found that cats are constantly in heat and that my servers are constantly overheating. Theres a connection for sure there. I've also found that the cats have been demanding money for food, as do the servers demand money for electricity, as do the copies of Ubuntu demand donations. Coincidence? I think not.

The dog, however... who cares.. this is not the time nor place for that. And don't get me started about those bunnies outside, they are multiplying like... bunnies.

Stay Tuned for the Next Episode

2 months from now... maybe sooner?

Totals: 4 kittens killed by reading this post
Totals: 15 pages viewed (not me) =
Totals: 60 kittens killed this summer so far
Totals: This is far better than I thought thanks for not reading!

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